House Tour
This is what it looked like when we moved in
Welcome to our new backyard
And Now!
Our man Clint after he dug out nine
inches of old dirt with a small dozer.
Me supervising Steve, whose
company did this job. Yeah, I was a
HUGE help!
Lori trying out the new patio
Ah yet, farmer Scott and his
freshly planted tomato crop!
  When we first looked at this place, we both liked
the idea that we could have our own private
backyard and maybe a small vegetable garden.

But we knew it would be complicated. We hadn't met
any of our neighbors to be.  Suppose our neighbors
to each side didn't want fences? Or wanted them as
long as we paid for them?

And there was another wrinkle. If you look at the
top-right photo, y0u'll notice we also have neighbors
in the alley who need to get their cars in and out of
their carriage-house garages.

As it turned out all FOUR contiguous neighbors
wanted fences. We all agreed on a basic design and
to share the cost. Even better, our neighbors to the
right in these photos decided to build their own
fence -- a huge money saver for the rest of us.

But we still had to worry about our neighbors in the
alley. When we told them what we wanted to do,
they were great! We all met one evening and
practiced getting their cars in and out and then
marked where the fence could go.

It was just so reassuring that in these days where you
seem to need to hire a lawyer for just about
anything, seven property owners could all get
together cooperatively and agree on something this
complicated with just handshakes all around.

And for all of you who got us Home Depot gift
certificates for Christmas -- Thanks Again! You can't
quite see it here, but you all helped pay for outdoor
stuff we needed -- paint, tools, retractable hose, etc.,
with a new barbecue soon to be added.
House Tour