The kitchen
Sunday paper on the porch.
Moo on night patrol -- ever on the lookout
for Sasha the dog next door.
Finishing a busy day of
House Tour
Last spring we bought this federal-style townhouse and we
love it! It was built back around 1902, and it's small -- just
950 square feet inside. But it had everything we wanted in a
house -- nice neighborhood, a front porch, a rear deck and the
potential for a private backyard.

We had been house hunting for a while and were getting
discouraged. Prices in DC are just insane, even in a market
that was supposed to have cooled off.

Then Lori found this place on Craig's list and we went to the
open house. I fell in love with it right away, but Lori talked me
out of it. Then a few days later, Lori changed her mind, but I
talked her out of it.

By the time we decided to make an offer, time had pretty
much run out. The seller's deadline for offers had passed and
she already had several offers. We didn't want to get into a
bidding war and called the seller's attorney to say we were
bowing out. But apparently the seller liked us, extended the
deadline, and we got it!

It couldn't have worked out better. Not only do we love the
house, but we have a string of great neighbors. (Moo,
however, holds the neighborhood dogs in contempt and I fear
a nose whapping is coming soon to our neighbor's dog).

And we are NEVER going through this again!

So take a look around. (Click on thumbnails for bigger image).