Campbell Family Photos
So this particular Campbell
Clan is a tiny one and rather
spread out -- Indiana, Florida
and Washington, DC. -- unlike
in Scotland where we are
HUGE! (Unpopular, but still
huge. See below).*

Still, we insist on getting
together every once in a while
to remind us why we now live
thousands of miles apart in
Indiana, Florida and
Washington, DC.

This is from when my parents
came to visit us in Washington
-- and you can't have the
Washington experience
without going to the home of
the guy our Capital is named
for -- the first and greatest
George W.

*(Once in Scotland, I saw the
following graffiti on a public
lavatory: "I am a Campbell.
Will you forgive me?
Underneath was scrawled,
"No!" It's a long story and I'll
explain later but just "google
Campbell and Glencoe or
Do we look puzzled?
Of course we do! That's a typical Campbell Family Outing!
By the way, if you
ever come to visit
DC, I highly
recommend a visit to
Mount Vernon.
You'll see George
Washington in a
whole new light.

You already knew he
was a general and our
first President.

But you'll learn how
he was also our first
environmentalist, an
inventor, an
architect, a clever
investor, a
pioneering farmer
and an interior
decorator and
landscape artist who
could have made a
decent cable-TV
show host.

Anyway, click on the
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